If you are wondering why you should hire a doula for your birth, I will be sharing seven reasons why I believe a doula is a necessity to every birth.

Why you should hire a doula

ONE – A doula is there for YOU. While your doctor/midwife will be there to help deliver baby. A doula is there for you, not only physically but emotionally as well. Your doula can advocate for you when you are in one of your more vulnerable moments in life. A doula can help you to stay on track with your birth plan or ensure your birthing environment is what you want (dim lights, calm music, etc.).

TWO – Through out your pregnancy your doula will meet with you so you can get to know each other better. Not only will you feel more comfortable having your doula at your birth after building a relationship but your doula will help to educate you on the birthing process. As seen in the photo below Alyssa (Owner of Breathing through life) is teaching Kaleigh about how the babies head should come out of your pelvis.

THREE – A doula will help you physically by teaching you and your partner techniques to help ease the potential pain of child birth. You can see in the photos below, Alyssa (Owner of Breathing through life) is teaching Kaleigh how she or her partner can help ease her pain with a rebozo, or pushing in and up on her hips.

FOUR – A doula will also help you emotionally. Birth is guaranteed to be emotional, you are welcoming a sweet new baby into the world. It may be your first birth or your third, but either way a doula will help guide you emotionally. Which will ease the emotional experience of birth and help create a space where your hormones of labor will function at their best.

FIVE – Studies have shown that having a doula at your birth will decrease your risk of a cesarean rate, vacuum extraction, and forceps. A doula is a grounding person for a birthing mother.

SIX – Some doulas are postpartum doulas as well, like Alyssa from Breathing through life. Not only does she help you with your prenatal visits and your birth, but she will assist you post partum as well. A postpartum doula can provide resources for lactation consultants that can help you along your breast feeding journey.

SEVEN – Often times after birthing your baby especially your first baby, your family and friends may be rushing over to meet baby. They usually will want to hold baby and help take care of baby, when most times its the mothers who need caring for. Having someone help make a quick meal, fold your laundry, or even doing dishes can alleviate the stress from new moms. Not only do postpartum doulas help with the physical work, they are always there for you emotionally. If you need a good cry or a hug a postpartum doula will be there for you.

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa, owner of Breathing through life is shown in the photos of this blog. Allyssa has a masters in public health education with a focus on maternal health. She has been a practicing doula for 10 years and officially for 6.5. My first time meeting Alyssa was at my second birth and first birth center birth. She was there as a birthing assistant and I completely stole her as my doula. I truly believe Alyssa was born to be a doula, she will probably tell you the same thing.

After having Alyssa in my South Tampa studio, she has shared with me that she has always felt strongly drawn to mothers and babies even as a young girl. Alyssa was a young mom, having her daughter at 16. During her pregnancy she shared that she felt under supported and under educated on her body and the birthing process.

This is when the seed was planted for Alyssa in terms of birth and birth equality work.

After having her daughter at a young age, she began to support other young moms and attending births. She attended her first birth at 16. When Alyssa was in her twenties she began working for healthy start. She would do home visits for low income women, and primarily black women. She could feel the need and lack of education in the community, so Alyssa began educating the community on birth and postpartum. Alyssa would also attend the births with the single mothers who were left without a birthing partner. Shortly after Alyssa started to study doula work officially and get certified to become a doula.

If you are searching for a doula in the Tampa Area I could not recommend Alyssa owner of Breathing through life more! Her Instagram link is Breathingthroughlifetampabay.

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I love this post! Hiring a doula was the best decision I made for my childbirthing experience! I also loved reading about Alyssa’s story. Expecting moms will be so lucky to be within her care!

This is such great information! I love that she also helps with recovery after the birth as well.

What an incredible story Alyssa has! I love hearing about her “why” and all of the reasons to hire a birth doula are such good points. Thanks for sharing!