When you first become pregnant you have countless new things to check off your to-do list, so you may be wondering when to book your newborn photos. Well you may be surprised to find out, its a lot earlier than you think!

When to book your newborn photos?

As a newborn photographer in a busy city like Tampa I am booked out for months in advance. I recommend booking your newborn photographer in the second trimester. By this time, you are passed the higher risk of miscarrying. You have most likely started announcing your pregnancy to family and friends. And starting to prepare for baby’s arrival.

When you book your photographer early it gives you enough time to choose your favorite photographer for you and your family. You can check out this blog post on how to choose the right photographer for you and your family here!

How old should baby be for newborn photos?

You may be wondering how you can book a newborn session when you aren’t sure when your baby will be born. This is a great question! When reserving your newborn session I use your due date as a place holder on my calendar. This allows me to not over book myself but still know when to expect your session to be around.

Once baby is born I have my clients reach out to let me know and then that is when we will set an exact date! Usually about 7-14 days after birth. Although I personally have photographed babies up to 2 months as a newborn.

A younger baby is usually a bit more sleepy and small of course. Whereas an older baby will be more awake for their session.

My baby is here! Is it too late to book?

This question will greatly depend on your photographer. Since I do not overbook myself, I allow room for reschedules and last minute sessions. Often times a family may never plan to do newborn photos and once baby comes they completely change their minds. This is okay! Your whole world changes when you have your sweet baby. And your photographer is there to help document every step of the way!

Id love to help you plan a newborn session of your own! I am booking on a limited basis for Fall and Winter! Make sure to contact me to reserve your session. I’d love to work with you! Check out my portfolio to take a look at my other work, and follow me on Instagram for updates and session sneak peaks!

P.S Check out my very talented friend Beth with Beth Miga Photography sharing a blog post on “maternity photography Boston“.


Oh, it’s such a great idea to have some wiggle room in your newborn photography calendar! The Gallery turned out beautifully, love the crisp look.

Oh my sweetness! I just adore these photos! What a beautiful. clean look that really accentuates the beauty of this sweet baby! The first trimester is the perfect time to start doing all the research before baby arrives! I know I did.

Your work is beautiful – so timeless! I love that you keep a little wiggle room in your schedule for families who change their minds about booking a newborn session!

Such helpful tips! Your newborn sessions are so beautiful!!

Such helpful information here for new parents, Julianna! And that’s wonderful that you’re able to accept last minute sessions and reschedules: that kind of flexibility is truly a luxury experience to offer.

So much helpful information about how to book a newborn session and when!

This is something every pregnant mama needs when they are considering newborn photos for their baby. I encourage everyone to book in advance, but also try to leave some room in case a family decides after baby is born. Love your sweet images with baby girl and her parents!

I can see why you are booked months in advance. Tampa is lucky to have you. Great tips for an expectant mama in your neck of the woods.