When to book maternity photos: Tampa Pregnancy Photography

Wondering if its too soon (or too late) to book your maternity photos, I have a few tips that will help you decide when is the best time for you to reserve your session. Usually professional photographers recommend 24-34 for maternity photos.

Things to consider before reserving your session:

  • are you having a single baby or multiples? Moms carrying multiples will want to book sooner
  • do you want your belly to be bigger or smaller in the photos?

Read below to see when may be the best time for you to take maternity photos!

Is it too soon to book my maternity photos?

When I first found out I was pregnant with my first baby photos were the absolute last thing on my mind. I had HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) also known as extreme morning sickness so I was not feeling very photo ready. I ended up being sick through out almost my whole pregnancy and never got the photos. I regret that.

With my second baby I booked my maternity photos almost the second I found out I was pregnant. Although that is definitely a bit early I had first priority with booking my session and choosing the date that worked best for my family.

Generally speaking, I recommend booking your maternity session in your second trimester. This gives you enough time to plan for your session. Including choosing a date that works best for you, reserving hair and make up if you want it, and finding the perfect maternity dress!

Is it too late to book maternity photos?

Can it really be too late to take maternity photos? One of the biggest reasons for not wanting to wait to long to take your maternity photos is comfort. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during our session together and usually the last few weeks of pregnancy are not as comfortable.

Many photographers are booked out months in advance for sessions, so waiting until the last minute may mean your favorite photographer is already booked. Or even if they can get you in you may not have your top pick for date options.

Babies are unpredictable! I had my first baby at 37 weeks. Waiting until your further along in your pregnancy can risk you going into labor before your session. If you are expecting twins your gestation period is a little shorter than a single gestation period.

I recommend booking your maternity session while you are still comfortable and before you are at risk of going into labor. For a twin or multiples pregnancy I recommend book your session for 24-32 weeks. For a single baby pregnancy I recommend 29-34 weeks.


Id love to help you plan a maternity photo session of your own! I am booking on a limited basis for Spring and Summer! Make sure to contact me to reserve your session. I’d love to work with you! Check out my portfolio to take a look at my other work, and follow me on Instagram for updates and session sneak peaks!


Beautiful photos! OMG

These images are beautiful and so helpful for a mom looking to book a maternity session!

This post is so helpful for a mom to be looking to book her maternity portraits. I love the featured session as well, especially mom’s dress!

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