As a Tampa family photographer, I get the pleasure of documenting your families story. My goal for each session is to document your families love organically. I will guide you through the poses, but much of what I photograph is the in between. The real moments.

Prepping for your session

Planning a photo session can be stressful to many. I like to take that stress away from you by helping you prepare for your photos. Before your session I will have you come into the studio for a wardrobe consult. We will chat about what you might envision for your session, do you have a color scheme you are wanting to work around? Or maybe you aren’t really sure what exactly you want. I’m here to help!

My client closet has over 80 dresses for mamas to choose from, I am confident we will find the perfect dress for you! I also have a children’s client closet from newborn to ten years old, as well as a men’s shirt collection! No more shopping with kids in tow, online shopping and the inevitable returns! I will help you every step of the way.

It is also helpful to take a peak at a recent blog I wrote about what to wear for your beach family photos. SARASOTA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER: WHAT TO WEAR TO YOUR BEACH FAMILY PHOTOS

During your session

If I could give you only one tip for your family session is to let go of any expectations and just enjoy the moment. Just like a lot of what raising kids is, it will never go as you plan. Your toddler may have skipped their nap that day or your baby may only wanting one parent during the session. Its easy to start to worry that the session is a fail, but I can promise you that is not true!

Embrace that moment for what it is, after all that is the goal to document your family in this stage of life. Nothing goes as planned when raising young kids, that’s the beauty of it!

Once upon a time I had family photos done of my own family, my daughter was maybe 10 months and my son about 3 1/2. I was so anxious the whole day trying to make sure everything went perfectly. Making sure my daughter napped at the perfect time, getting my make up done, arriving to the session on time, not feeling rushed. I used to be notorious for being late to e v e r y t h i n g. (Thankfully that has changed!)

But guess what happened, my make up ran late and I used someone new and didn’t love it. We arrived to the session late and I was even more anxious. Everyone at the session could feel my anxious energy. My daughter didn’t want to be held or engage in the session. I felt like it was a complete fail.

Once I began editing the photos I felt so guilty because they were beautiful! My makeup looked great. My favorite photos ended up being the little moments. The moments of my son playing with my daughter and me comforting my daughter by breastfeeding her.

After that session I promised my self I would never do that again. I would embrace the moment for what it is. I truly just want to pause this stage in my life and document it forever, and that doesn’t always look perfect.


Id love to help you plan a family session of your own! I am booking on a limited basis for Fall and Winter! Make sure to contact me to reserve your session. I’d love to work with you! Check out my portfolio to take a look at my other work, and follow me on Instagram for updates and session sneak peaks!

P.S If you are pregnant or have recently had a c-section i invite you to check out my friend Stephanie’s blog on “c-section care tips“.


I love the story that you shared of your experience with your own family photos. Every recommendation that you touched on is exactly what I hope for each session. We can be so hard on ourselves trying to BE perfect when really it’s already perfect.
Lovely beach session as well! The styling of the entire family is amazing, but the little girl’s outfit is too cute!

I absolutely love the styling of this session! The little girl’s hat is perfection and brings such a fun element to the images! I also love all of the helpful information you give in this post and how you take the stress of styling the session off your client’s plate. No wonder this family looks so relaxed and joyful!

It’s so true! We stress so much about planning and prepping for our family portraits. Enjoying the moment is such a great reminder.

We need to connect when our family visits the Tampa area this winter to plan for a family session there!

Yes! Id love to photograph your family when you come visit Tampa!

Goodness, these are absolutely stunning! I love how natural and authentic these images feel to family life with young kids. ALSO – puppyyyyyy

So true about letting go of expectations and enjoying the moments! This session is stunning and filled with so May beautiful moments!!

Gosh these images are beautiful – the colors so delicate and soothing. I love the styling and how the doggie fits right in, too!!

These are beautiful photos and such great tips to share with families before their session.

what a lovely beach session. You captured that family and little pup so well. Love how lightfilled your photography is!

What a stunning session! I love when clients include their family pets as well. I also couldn’t agree more…letting go of expectations and enjoying the moment is the only way to capture genuine family heirlooms. Well done!

Julianna, these are stunning! I especially love the movement in the first one, and all of the little details. And way to go on including the pup, I wish we’d done something like this when our dog was a puppy. So adorable!