Preparing for your newborn session with a toddler

I often get asked “how can I help prepare my toddler for our newborn session”? I love including older siblings in your new babies newborn photos. I am here to share my top three tips with you today!

It starts at home

When welcoming a new baby into your home, its important that your first baby feels important too. Let them help you with their new baby brother or sister. You can ask them to do simply tasks such as bringing you the wipes to change a dirty diaper. Although its a small task, it makes a huge difference to a child. Instead of saying “oh I have to change baby’s diaper”. You can say “oh looks like baby’s diaper is dirty can you help me by brining the wipes, so we can clean her/him”.

Talk to them about your upcoming session

Before your session, you can chat with your toddler about your upcoming session. But remember, make them feel included. “We are so excited about you becoming a big brother/sister, we are going to get some new family photos taken”. Or if you did newborn photos with your first born you can maybe show them their newborn photos and talk about how you want to do some baby photos of the new baby so they can match.

Make it fun

As a St. Petersburg family photographer I have worked with countless toddlers. One thing I know for certain is children love to have fun. I have designed all my sessions to be light hearted and fun. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to help your child truly enjoy family photos! I keep toys at my south Tampa studio for your children to enjoy. I will often let them be my assistant to help them feel included especially if they aren’t in the photo.

I hope this helps you prepare for your newborn session with your toddler! If you have any questions or would like to know more tips please contact me through my contact page. I would be honored to help make this transition from one to two a bit easier! P.S if you didn’t know I’m a mama of two as well!

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I really love how informative you are in your post. I especially loved the section on talking to toddlers and making them feel included! This will be so helpful to families!! And your images are so luxurious!

Your images are beautiful