When planning your next photo session, its important you choose the right one for your family! In this blog post, ill walk you through how to choose the right photographer.

How to choose the right photographer – contents:

Consider the type of session you want:

Its important to consider the type of session you want as many photographers specialize in certain areas. If you are recently pregnant you will want to find a photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn photos. Its especially important with newborn sessions that you find a photographer who specializes in newborn photography to ensure they have the proper safety training to handle your newborn.

What type of location are you interested in?

When searching for the right photographer for your family, its a good idea to look at the photographers portfolio. Maybe you want a beach session, but your looking at photographers who are only showing photos in a field. This may not be helpful for you! Instead find a photographer who has photographed at the location you like or a similar one.

Do you like light and bright or moody style edits?

Determining the style of edits you like is crucial when choosing your photographer. If you plan to wear bright bold colors and have darker home décor a moody style photographer may be a good fit. If you are looking for timeless photos and have neutral colored décor a light and bright style photographer may be a good fit! The way your photographer edits will drastically change your images. Its important to choose the photographer who has an editing style you like.

Do you want only digitals or are you looking to invest in artwork?

Some photographers like myself offer artwork for your photos. I like to fully serve my clients by providing custom framing with wall design services, as well as heirloom albums. When searching for your perfect photographer you should consider what you plan to do with your photos. If you just want digital images every photographer can provide that! However, if you are looking to invest in artwork I recommend searching for a photographer that provides those services.

How much help do they provide in prepping for your photos?

Find out how much help the photographer provides with prepping for your session. Do they help you coordinate outfits or selecting a location? They more help they can provide the chances are, the better your photos will be. As a Tampa family photographer I provide my clients with a full wardrobe for the whole family. I have hand selected the best locations in the area for my clients photos. I also only book a limited number of sessions a month to ensure i can provide each client with the time and attention they deserve.

Does their personality seem like a good fit for your family?

Having a consult call with a photographer can be a great help in seeing if their personality is good fit with your family. I recommend choosing a photographer who seems more like a friend so you can really relax during your session. Having a photographer who you can trust can make a worlds difference between stiff forced photos and the photos who really show who you are!

I hope this helps you select the perfect photographer for your family!

Id love to help you plan a session of your own! I am booking on a limited basis for Fall and Winter! Make sure to contact me to reserve your session. I’d love to work with you! Check out my portfolio to take a look at my other work, and follow me on Instagram for updates and session sneak peaks!

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I love all of these suggestions on how to choose the right photographer! I especially agree with finding a newborn photographer who is trained in newborn safety – this is such an important thing to remember! I also love that you provide your clients with heirloom artwork! What an incredible legacy to be able to hand down from generation to generation!

So many helpful tips and things to think about when choosing a family photographer! Also a stunning session!!

These are wonderful points on choosing a photographer. I think it’s important to really consider what you want and who will best fit what you are looking for. Thank you for the handy tips!

Thanks for sharing these tips! A lot of people don’t realize that there are photographers offering different levels of client experience, and this kind of info helps make sure they can find a photographer that meets their needs 🙂

All such good questions to ask before booking a photographer! It’s definitely important to consider more than just budget before booking–I love all the services you offer clients. Your client closet looks like GOALS!

These are such good points! I don’t think many people realize some photographers go the extra mile that you clearly do. But having a full service photographer like you makes all the difference!

Oh, there are so many good tips on how to find the perfect photographer in this blog post. And your images are stunning!

So true! Not many photographers offer artwork in the digital era anymore. It is such a shame too! We have beautiful framed canvases from when I was a child and of my Mom when she was growing up. It is truly a sentimental heirloom worth the investment. I love that you also recommend a consultation call to get to know your photographer first!

So many excellent points that you are highlighting. A lot of people seem to think that all photographers have the same skillset. As a newborn photographer, I know how important it is to have proper safety training when it comes to handling newborns.